How is your Time and Task Reminder different than what comes with other programs?

First off you can specify the interval that you want to be reminded on. For instance, if you want to have a reminder every day or once a week, you do not have to reprogram the reminder. Additionally, the reminder comes with a snooze button that allows you to quiet the reminder for a period of time that you specify. Choose how you want to be reminded. You can have just the message box displayed, or you can choose to have a sound and/or voice. Choose the voice that you wish.

Is the program designed for the US market?

We took great pains to make sure that Officedove is compliant with International standards for display and data entry. Officedove comes fully supports the Windows Regional settings. You can even choose to see the time displayed in 12 or 24-hour modes.

I do not like the colors. I should like what I see?

Absolutely! You can select any number of pre-defined "themes" or you can create your own customizing the color of each of the components. Get wild! Let your creative juices flow! Send us your color schemes and we just might include that in a future build!

How easy is the program to use?

Although we are writing the response, we conducted focus groups and tested various designs and we came up with a book motif that all agreed was simple and yet powerful. Simply select the page using the graphical queues that you wish to see.

I am not a scientist and nor need anything special with times. Why should I use this program?

Officedove comes with not only a Time and Task Reminder, but can say the time aloud and keep your clock on your computer synchronized. You would need several other utilities to do what Officedove does in one clean interface. More importantly, if you cook, watch sports, or do any number of other common chores, there are always the units that need converting, whether they are grams to ounces or liters to gallons.

Can I change the voice that I hear or am I stuck with the choices that I see from the list?

Officedove fully exploits the Microsoft Speech Engine. There are numerous sites on the Internet that offer different voices. The selection is virtually limitless.

I noticed that clicking on the close button only minimizes the program. How do I exit the program?

Right click on the application icon on the system tray and select the "Exit" menu item. Alternatively, you can press the menu button (that is the first toolbar icon) to show the same application main navigation menu, and then select the "Exit" menu item.

I do not see my question answered here. What can I do?

Send us an email. Visit our contacts page. We will answer your question promptly.