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Jobfish integrates perfectly with Butterflyvista Corporation´s OfficeDove. Plan, review, and manage your travel and interview schedule by configuring audible voice alerts (through customized text), sound alarms, frequency, and email while automatically creating presentation packages for your resume, cover letter, recommendations, etc.

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  • Do not miss another important task. comes with a talking time and task reminder. You can even specify the interval. Suppose that you want to remind yourself to call the drugstore for your monthly refill. You can not only have it remind you of the call, but Officedove can even say, “Please call Sav-On Drugs!”

  • Say the time at an interval that you choose. If you are at your computer, you can see an analog and digital clock along with the date and day of the week.
  • Don’t wonder what the time is at different places around the world. Program up to 18-cities and have Officedove show you the time in that city displayed on a world map.
  • Don’t guess what the date and time is somewhere. Let Officedove show you the date, time, and day of the week in up to 4-different locations showing both an analog and digital clock. Just select the city or country you wish to see.

  • Don’t lose time by letting your clock get out of alignment. Use our clock synchronizer to align your computer’s clock to an atomic time sever. Choose from our extensive list of time servers around the world.

  • On the occasion that you want to make a conversion, Officedove comes with an intuitive interface that allows you to make any conversion that you wish simply. You can even choose the accuracy that you want to see. comes with a complete list of units (metric, US, British, etc.).

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