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Kickstart your job search with Jobfish from Butterflyvista. Do not forget to check out the free Career Strategy Fundamentals video course!

Jobfish: a new you. Job search making you feel down?

Jobfish 2011 is your professional job search assistant for Windows XP/Vista/7 that tames the toughest job boards, helping you find the right job. The software lets you find job openings, manage job listings, manage your employer, recruiter, and networking contacts, track applications, prepare for job interviews, and so much more.

  • Works with all major job boards - Work with search results better and faster than without Jobfish enabling you to learn about all available employment opportunities.
  • Job descriptions at your fingertips - Puts you in the driver´s seat, when a recruiter or employer calls. Give them the answers that they want to hear making them think that you truly are the expert in their task!
  • Employer / Recruiter contact management system - Fully integrated, contacts in seconds
  • Skype integration - Have Jobfish do the dialing for you. Faster than looking up information, even from Outlook.
  • Comprehensive reporting - Take your data with you. Jobfish also provides unemployment insurance benefits job tracking report saving you even more time.

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Organize your job search

Jobfish 2011 lets you identify jobs that are well-targeted to your skills and career goals. Pull each open position into Jobfish 2011´s intuitive database seamlessly and easily thereby organizing your job search. Keep track of all of the key people you need to contact. Jobfish 2011´s built-in calendar and task list make it simple to schedule and deliver follow-up messages and phone calls, track tasks, and schedule interviews. Jobfish 2011 puts you in control of your career.

Track jobs by recruiter or employer

Jobfish 2011 is ideal for keeping track of all of the jobs available by recruiters, human resource personnel, and employers. Simply select a contact and with a single click, you can pull up all of the job opportunities from the contact.

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Keep organized and get help with the mundane hateful tasks with Jobfish. Download your evaluation copy today.

Jobfish delivers a better interface to the job boards than using these boards directly

Even if you know how to find all of the key employment web sites, and you are willing to take the time to learn the quirks and foibles of each of their web interfaces, you will still waste a lot of time using these boards directly. Jobfish 2011 provides an intuitive interface that is consistent across all of the job boards. It is faster and more efficient to use Jobfish 2011 to manage your job search. Period!

All of your employment search information is just a click away. Using a familiar spreadsheet-style interface to view the job search summary, you can click on a row to display in the preview pane the details of the job opportunity. You have all the spreadsheet style features that you expect including ability to hide, sort, and edit. Opening up multiple tabs is a thing of the past. In a half hour you can go through and apply for hundreds of jobs, not just one or two. Jobfish even imports the results keeping track of all the particulars for each job posting.

Jobfish 2011 manages the employment "numbers game"

In today´s job market, you have to send out a lot of resumes just to land a single interview. Managing all the information that results from a prolonged effort is more than your mind, Microsoft Excel, or Post-It notes can handle. Think Jobfish! Jobfish provides you job search metrics. Being first in the morning is crucial, as today there are many applicants for every job posting. Give yourself an edge with Jobfish 2011.

Customize your resumes and cover letters

You should not rely on a single, one-size-fits-all resume and cover letter to land your next job. Jobfish 2011 lets you create and manage multiple resume packages, so you are sending customized resumes, cover letters, images, and attachments. Jobfish includes an integrated email facility making applying for jobs with one of your resume packages a snap. It is easy to convince recruiters and hiring managers that you are a perfect fit for the job. In addition, Jobfish 2011 lets you do mail merges and polish your skills with Jobfish 2011´s sample interview questions, answers, and tips.

Jobfish Suite Professional

Includes Jobfish 2011 and OfficeDoveProduct_Name_OfficeDove integrates with Jobfish to provide notifications of upcoming interviews, scheduled interactions, and tasks. You can also set reminders and other standard notification settings.

See for yourself how easy it is to work with Jobfish for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7. Download or purchase your copy today!

Work with custom resumes with ease with Jobfish. Do not forget to check out the free Career Strategy Fundamentals video course!

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