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Jobfish Jobfish - Full featured solution for the job seeker

When it comes to a job search, you need Jobfish, our desktop and mobile solution.

Job searches are filled with very tedious, agitating tasks, with difficult to remember pieces of information.

Job board data extracting is painfull with interviews difficult to get. Enter Jobfish, doing the heavy lifting for you.

Friends and family can only go so far and may not get you your ideal job. Let Jobfish be your job match maker. Buy Now

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Here are a few highlights:

  • Find jobs, apply for them, and track your applications
  • Easily work with contacts (recruiters, etc.)
  • Easily work with job boards,

For years upon years, people like you search for a job the old fashioned way, the same way that your great grandparents did. The recipe is always the same. The modern era replaced newspapers with online versions, but still everything is the same. Enter: Your Job Search 2.0!

Jobfish is more than a tool. It is your friend and companion in a journey that is fraught with pain.

Landing a job, let alone the job, requires that you have 100% of everything required, not just a percentage of that. True, there are always the three factors of luck, probability, and friends, but you cannot count on that. That is Russian roulette. Use Jobfish.

Butterflyvista Consulting and Coaching

Santa Monica, CA

We here at Butterflyvista take pride in all our work, and strive to be second to none.

Our experience stretches across a wide range of industries ranging from medical to aerospace to media and others.

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Professional Career Coaching

Ms. Sarah Weinberger

Career Coach Specialist

Butterflyvista is the Los Angeles Career Counselor, Career Coach, Strategic Career Planner, and, Life Coach. Finding a job is no different than many other tasks in life.

 Having someone help you and guide you is far easier than going it alone, yet many people do leave something as important as a career to the mantra, doing it alone. If doing things along would be better, then life would not place such emphasis in teams: sport teams, work groups, etc.

The career that one has and the finances that go along with that can make or break a family and your life. Do not leave something as important as your career to the do-it-yourself mantra. Get a career coach.

Sarah Weinberger is our professional career coach, who can help you take the next step in your career. As an established professional, Sarah brings years of experience in various facets to the table.

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Ask Sarah

Ask our job search expert and career coach, Sarah Weinberger, your job search questions. Here are some questions asked by people like you. For a full a full list of questions, please go to our Ask Sarah page. You will also see a link there to ask your own question.

Insights by Sarah

Our job search expert, Sarah Weinberger, gives you her insights into the job search arena and more detailed analysis than the Ask Sarah pages. Please read the blogs. The Jobfish blog gives not only insights into the premier job search assistent software, Jobfish, but analysis and commentary into the job market.

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Software and Systems Engineering

Software and systems engineering is our passion and we have the expertise, training, and knowledge to deliver world-class architected products.

Our solutions are engineered to deliver quality, robustness, user friendliness, and performance in a package that that is as error free as possible. We get down into the details of a project while not losing track of the bigger picture. Let us work with you.

Skills include, but not limited to:

  • Microsoft .Net (C#, ASP.Net)
  • DevExpress framework
  • Java, C/C++
  • MySQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server
  • WordPress