Butterflyvista Consulting: Software and Systems Engineering

Along with our award winning commercial software offerings, such as Jobfish discussed below, Butterflyvista Corporation is a leading consulting firm that delivers solutions to companies in two distinct areas, client software development and embedded systems. Butterflyvista is proudly a Microsoft Silver Certified Application Development Partner, and a company that has been working with Microsoft technologies since the release of Windows 2.0.

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Mobile, Web, Desktop, Client Server, and Cloud Development

Client software has come a long way from the mere tiled applications present, when Tetris reigned supreme at the dawn of the computer industry. Today, software comes in mobile/smartphone, tablets, desktops, cloud, and client/server flavors. Customers today expect companies to fully support them in their busy lifestyles and that they can access their data anytime and at any place. This reality forces companies today to introduce updates to their products and services that cater to these requirements. In the mobile sphere alone, companies must support all three major platforms: Microsoft Windows Phone, Android, and Apple iOS.

Butterflyvista has the expertise, training, and knowledge to deliver these solutions. Our solutions deliver not only an architected solution, but one engineered to deliver quality, robustness, user friendliness, and performance in a package that that is as error free as possible. We not only get down into the details finding solutions to the most challenging questions, but see the big picture. We are partners with our clients to deliver in a team oriented fashion a solution that is right.

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Embedded Systems Engineering

You probably do not realize it, but Butterflyvista developed part of the firmware used on a wide variety of products ranging from medical to storage solutions to avionics.

We have expertise in a wide variety of technologies and have worked to multiple standards ranging from ISO 9001 to CMMI to Six Sigma and others. We have worked to FDA requirements for medical devices. Our expertise ranges across multiple devices and operating systems.

To give you a sampling of some of our projects, in avionics Butterflyvista developed the part of the firmware that went into the radar system present in the U2, Global Hawk, and British ASTOR. We also were involved with the software engineering for the new Dreamliner jet. In storage Butterflyvista developed the SAS/SATA 3G and 6G firmware present in BlueStor and SilverStor lines by JMR Electronics. Medically, Butterflyvista was involved in a mobile defibrillator and an asthma inhaler. We were also involved with the firmware for the first wireless crash test dummy.

If you have an embedded project that you would like Butterflyvista to work on, then please contact us. You can view the embedded section on our dedicated consulting website by clicking here.

Graphic Design

If you have a graphic design project, either by itself, or as part of a software project, do let us know. Our graphic design team is here to help. If you need custom images, photo retouching, product labels or logos, icons, or even video editing, then contact us to learn more. We use the latest software from Adobe and provide all customers with the layered source files upon completion.

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Microsoft C#.Net
Microsoft ASP.Net
Microsoft Visual Studio
Developer Express Suite
Microsoft SQL Server

Butterflyvista Commercial Software

JobFish 2011 

Find jobs, apply for them, and track your applications in one integrated package.

Job search assistant for job searching, tracking, contact management, unemployment tracking, and resume package.

  • Microsoft Office 2010 style ribbon - Reveal functionality, increase productivity, & streamline tasks
  • Works with all major job boards - Work with search results better and faster than without JobFish!
  • Job descriptions at your fingertips - Puts you in the driver´s seat, when someone calls
  • Full Contact Management System
  • Skype integration - JobFish does the dialing for you. Faster than looking up information, even from Outlook
  • Track interviews, communications, events and tasks
  • Resume preparation, interview rehearsal, reports, etc.

JobFish 2011: Find jobs, apply for them, and track your applications in one integrated package.

Check out the JobFish 2011 tutorial videos.

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How JobFish Can Help You:

  • Step 1: Create Your Resume Packages - JobFish will help you create one or more resume packages, which you can use to apply for jobs and associate with job records. One-click editing of package contents.
  • Step 2: Search for a New Job - Search all major job boards and job aggregators faster with less aggravation than going it alone. View parsed search results in a table and click on row to see the details in a side browser. Go through hundreds of posted job descriptions in just an hour. JobFish will import those job descriptions that interest you into your JobFish database parsing data along the way for you automatically.
  • Step 3: Apply for Jobs - Apply to jobs either directly via the job board or internally if JobFish was able to locate an email address in the description. Reply to Craig´s List job postings with two clicks.
  • Step 4: Answering Telephone Calls - Three clicks will show you the job description for the position when a recruiter / employer calls.
  • Step 5: Interact with Your Contacts - JobFish comes with a full-featured Contact Management System, which can not only import and export from Microsoft Outlook, but allow you to do Mail Merges, two click Skype Calls, and more.
  • Step 6: Keep Track of Interviews, Interactions, & Tasks - JobFish not only keeps track of your interviews, correspondence, and tasks inside the job record and in a calendar view, but also can notify you of upcoming events.
  • Step 7: Print Reports and Analyze Metrics - JobFish has many different reports including one needed by your unemployment office. JobFish keeps track of your job search metrics, so that you can optimize your job search.
  • Step 8: Read the Blog and Get Involved - Check it out.
JobFish 2011: Find jobs, apply for them, and track your applications in one integrated package.

JobFish Testimonials

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How many resumes can you send out in a month or two? 200? With 2011 you can do that in a day and still have time left over. Why suffer? Let 2011 help you. Give it a try. What have you got to lose?

  • Windows XP/Vista/7 support
  • Manage all communication with potential employers and recruiters
  • Unemployment insurance benefits paperwork
  • Navigate job boards with ease
  • Simply edit and manage your resume packages

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JobFish 2011: Find jobs, apply for them, and track your applications in one integrated package.
Officedove by Butterflyvista Corporation

OfficeDove 2010 For $19.99 USD

JobFish integrates perfectly with ButterflyVista Corporation´s OfficeDove. Plan, review, and manage your travel and interview schedule by configuring audible voice alerts (through customized text), sound alarms, frequency, and email while automatically creating presentation packages for your resume, cover letter, recommendations, etc.

MetricWiz 2010 For $15.99 USD

MetricWiz is a graphical easy-to-use US to metric unit converter ideal from everything from cooking to engineering. The product also features an extensive time zone database with both city and country lookup. Check out our measurement encyclopedia.

Metricwiz by Butterflyvista Corporation